Chiwaukee Prairie Birds
The following bird species have been recorded on Breeding Bird Surveys since 1994.  These surveys are conducted each year in June to identify birds which may be potentially breeding at the prairie or in adjacent areas.

Hyperlinks below are to the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas Species Image Library website and to the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas Audio Library
Audio Files on the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas Audio Library are copyrighted by John Feith

The Wisconsin All-Bird Plan has posted a list of priority species in Wisconsin.

SGCN = Species of Greatest Conservation Need for Wisconsin's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan.

PIF = Partners in Flight priorities from Bird Conservation Regions 12 and 23 and Continental Watch List species. Regional priorities included Tier I and II species.

Wood Duck      
Hooded Merganser      
Ring-necked Pheasant       
Great Blue Heron      
Green Heron      
Turkey Vulture      
Northern Harrier SGCN PIF One occurrence, 2008
Red-tailed Hawk       
American Kestrel       
Virginia Rail      
Upland Sandpiper  SGCN   not seen in recent years
Wilson's Snipe      
American Woodcock SGCN    
Ring-billed Gull       
Herring Gull      
Rock Pigeon      
Mourning Dove        
Black-billed Cuckoo   SGCN PIF  
Chimney Swift     PIF  
Belted Kingfisher   PIF  
Red-headed Woodpecker  SGCN PIF  
Red-bellied Woodpecker      
Downy Woodpecker        
Hairy Woodpecker      
Northern Flicker     PIF  
Eastern Wood-Pewee        
Alder Flycatcher      
Willow Flycatcher SGCN PIF  
Great Crested Flycatcher        
Eastern Kingbird        
Warbling Vireo        
Red-eyed Vireo        
Blue Jay        
American Crow        
Purple Martin        
Northern Rough-winged Swallow   PIF  
Tree Swallow        
Bank Swallow     PIF  
Barn Swallow     PIF  
Cliff Swallow      
Black-capped Chickadee        
White-breasted Nuthatch      
Carolina Wren      
House Wren        
Sedge Wren     PIF  
Marsh Wren     PIF  
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher        
Eastern Bluebird      
American Robin        
Gray Catbird       
Brown Thrasher        
European Starling        
Cedar Waxwing        
Chestnut-sided Warbler      
Yellow Warbler        
American Redstart      
Common Yellowthroat     PIF  
Yellow-breasted Chat      
Field Sparrow   SGCN PIF  
Henslow's Sparrow   SGCN PIF  
Song Sparrow        
Swamp Sparrow     PIF  
Northern Cardinal        
Rose-breasted Grosbeak     PIF  
Indigo Bunting        
Bobolink   SGCN PIF  
Red-winged Blackbird        
Eastern Meadowlark   SGCN PIF  
Common Grackle        
Brown-headed Cowbird        
Orchard Oriole        
Baltimore Oriole        
House Finch        
American Goldfinch       
House Sparrow