Upcoming Events

Webinars (and other media) Highlighting Chiwaukee Prairie

February 1, 2022: Chiwaukee Prairie: A conservation story through photos
Hosted by Wisconsin Wetlands Association | Speaker: Dr. Dana Garrigan

November 24, 2020: Chiwaukee Prairie – Illinois Beach Lake Plain
Hosted by Wisconsin Wetlands Association | Speaker: Sharon Gericke Fandel, WI-DNR

November 18, 2021: A Look At The Chiwaukee Preservation Fund
Hosted by WGTD | Speakers: Dana Garrigan, Biology Professor At Carthage, Sharon Fandel, Ecologist For The Wisconsin DNR, and Pam Holy, President Of The Chiwaukee Prairie Preservation Fund

January 25, 2016: Chiwaukee Prairie Presentation to the Racine Kenosha Master Gardener Program
Speaker: Pam Holy, Chiwaukee Prairie Preservation Fund